About Me

I'll just get right down to it. I am a lover of the farmhouse chic home decor style! Be it of modern, antique, vintage, rustic, shabby chic or French country variation, I have an admiration for it all. And for those of you that share my enthusiasm for the movement, I wanted to devise a website where I could share all of my fantastic finds, extending them to you as well.

I grew up in the city, but the idea of living in the country had always been a calling I wanted to answer. My husband shared the mutual desire to abandon the fast-paced interurban lifestyle, so we embarked on finding our own little piece of heaven in the countryside of Kentucky. We set out to discover a new way of life, beginning with the purchase of a farm"house" built in the mid 1800's. We immediately fell in love with the charm, character and details the home had to offer, both inside and out. Sadly we learned that there were numerous problems with the home's condition, thus rendering it non-salvageable. So we were forced to forge a new plan. We tore the house down and built new, with our design and decorating plans hinged on incorporating the deeply-rooted attributes of an ole country home. My passion for the pastoral style had just begun . I became committed to duplicating the quaint, homey and primitive virtues that had drawn me to the farmhouse style to begin with.

Admittedly, it has taken me quite a while to get our farmhouse adorned "just right". And the reason being is that I was having a tough time finding the ideal pieces that I needed and wanted to employ, in actualizing the authentic and virtuous appeal of the style. The devil is absolutely in the details when it comes to exuding the vintage, antique, rustic and shabby chic vibe of farmhouse living.

And voila, there you have the basis of why I was intent on establishing Farmhouse Fresh Home. My hopes are to take the endless online searches for the "perfect" farmhouse home decor and consolidate them into a one-stop-shop. I aim to offer a wide variety of all-things farmhouse chic, accompanied by pieces of vintage, rustic and country-inspired derivation. Happy shopping, my friends!!