Handmade White Wash Finish Stove Top Cover / Noodle Board

Handmade White Wash Finish Stove Top Cover / Noodle Board

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How fantastic is our Handmade White Wash Finish Stove Top Cover / Noodle Board?! Once used to roll out dough to cut noodles “back in the day", for kneading bread or pastry dough or to hide unsightly burners, today's boards are designed to protect your glass burners and extend your counter/prep space. This board is made of wood, touts a gorgeous white wash finish, two intricate bronze handles and decorative trim that wraps the perimeter.

It measures 30"W x 21"D x .75"T. The handles measure 2.25"T.


NEVER put our wood stove top cover on hot burners or ones that have not cooled completely. Our stove top cover is not to be used as a cutting board. It is sealed with finishing wax, making it super durable but it is not considered to be food-safe. Please be sure to measure your stovetop to ensure that the cover will fit to your liking, prior to purchase.

We cannot be held responsible for damages that could result from misuse or mis-measurement of our cover.