Authentic Vintage Enamelware 15 Piece Bowl Set

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Our Authentic Vintage Enamelware 15 Piece Bowl Set will absolutely not disappoint! These relics are the most perfect, imperfect bowls you will ever lay your eyes on. Their usage possibilities are endless, but they are not food-safe. Employ them as storage containers or planters. Opt to sit them on your kitchen counter to stow wrapped candies and such or simply display these beauts on your dining room buffet or on living room shelving. They'd also look amazing in your bathroom, keeping your necessities neatly stowed in vintage chic style!

You will receive 15 different bowl in total...1 Extra Large Cauldron or Pail, 3 Large, 7 Medium and 4 Small.

Please be advised that our Authentic Vintage products will show varied signs of use and oftentimes color or stain variations. No two will be alike.